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Rock tumbler grit and polishes

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After graduation with the checks flowing in I had decided to get what my mind has been fixated on for the past 2 years, a shiney new rocktumbler. Something called the 'Thumblers tumbler' which turned out to be an extremely nice product with a pure (what feels like) pure silicone rubber barrel with a capacity of 3lbs. This thing turned out to be quieter than a running sink and doesnt run hot at all after 2 weeks of continous running. After checking up on the first load the water was THICK with extremely fine sediment; you could have stood a spoon up in it literally. So why let all those small rock particals go to waste? They had 'fine grit' written all over them. So i dumped it in a tupaware bin and set it out to evaporate the suspending water (which it did remarkably fast in about 3 days for some reason). What was left was about a 4"x4" tupaware bin with about 1 inch deep of this increadibly soft and fine dust. So a few questions come to mind that i cant answer via google.

1) can this grit be used to dry-tumble and smoothe the surface of the rocks? (not polish of course)

2) what exactly is that factory made tumbler polish made from anyway?

3) can I just smoothe the rocks down and then throw in some wax to polish them instead of byting that ripoff factory stuff?

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Whatever you put in your new Thumblers tumbler,make sure its not petroleum based.It'll swell the drum rubber and be impossible to seal the lid.I just bought the 6 lb. model for cleaning coins and havent tried to polish any rocks yet.

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"1) can this grit be used to dry-tumble and smoothe the surface of the rocks? (not polish of course)"


There are dif media for specific purposes, depending on what you are polishing, and to what desired result.

I agree with Haderly, good sites. ;)

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