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More neat rocks

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Here are some of my favorite rocks. Again they are a natural sculpture rather than a mineral specimen.

The rock ID is easy. What I want to know is why they weathered the way they did. I know an area where there are thousands of these odd shapes laying around. There are shapes with spheres, shapes like animals, and combinations of shapes formed together.

Here are a few of my favorites. The photo is not the best but you can get the idea of the variety of unique formations.

Here is my all time favorite. I call it the “Phallusite”. I have seen fertility symbols in South America that were nearly identical. This is definitely a natural creation though.

And the other side… Quite a peach, huh?

I am not sure that I understand the process that did this. Can anyone shed some light?


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It was a Cold, Cold New Mexico Day.

Back about 10,000,000 or so BC.

A TranoEirctus was walking along and his stuff Just Froze and Fell off.

It Calcified and you have the Remains.

Not many of those to be had.

For those Un Edgumicated, TranoErictus was a Bird with the Cohonies of a Of a man, And Sucked the blood from ChubiCobre for breakfast.

Obvious Evidence of Alien manifestations prior to mans development.


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There is going to be a few more phallusites in New Mexico in 10,000,000 years. It is darn cold the past couple of days!

My son's first words were "Fossilized Johnson".

I figure this has to be a play on both concretion and weathering. The rocks are laying in coarse sand weathered from a blonde sandstone formation overlying a red shaley siltstone full of reptile fossils. I found a small pile of these things in the desert that someone had placed there when I was a kid. Years later I found a spot 20 miles away from the original find with thousands of these rocks in a strip while I was searching for fossils in the siltstone. There are big sandstone formations too, the size of a leg or a basketball, and where the sand thins you can see that it is stripping back from the sandstone in bizzare shapes for some unknown reason.

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