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New to arizona and nugget shooting

David Hogan

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Hi David,

Welcome to the forum and the hobby!

Look into joining a club with claims in your area. You'll get some proven claims to hunt and more you'll get to meet folks that can and will show you the ropes.

Havasu Gold Seekers

Folks have found nuggets with lesser detectors than your Ace 350. Leverage its discrimination abilities and hunt the trash littered areas.

Make yourself a test bed with nails, bullets, coins and assorted junk, learn to id the non ferrous items.


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Welcome to Arizona, and good luck! That Garrett is a GREAT meteorite machine, and you are near some of the best meteorite hunting areas the United States has to offer. When you are ready to get serious about gold, get a gold detector. In my opinion, the best VLF machines are the Tesoro Lobo SuperTraq, and the Fisher Goldbug II. God bless and Big Nuggets! - Terry

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As mentioned you may want to consider a gold nugget detector, I will differ on brands though as I think the Minelab Eureka Gold or X-TERRA 705 would be a better choice than the Fisher GB or Tesoro Lobo ST new or used.

Here are a couple reasons why I feel this way...

The LST is a great VLF, but they removed the ability to use a manual ground tracking adjustment thus the Lobo Super Track will balance out some small nuggets or meteorites while swinging over them trying to zero in on the target. The solution to the issue is to re-ground balance in another spot and try to relocate the lost target. I used a Lobo for a long spell and loved it back in the early 90s, but lost interest after switching to a Lobo ST. I traded it for another Fisher GB this time the GB2.

The Fisher GB 2 is a wonderful detector and I found oodles of small and medium sized nuggets with mine, but the super high 71 kHz Frequency also was hard to keep stable in some areas and man did I dig allot of bird shot. I was also wishing I had a way to lessen the frequency to within the 19 kHz range of other VLF such as the Lobo to get better depth on larger targets.

I then discovered the Minelab Eureka Gold that has all the settings I was looking for including a adjustable output from 6.4 kHz to 20 kHz to 60 kHz all with a flick of a switch and in the same price range. This is like having 3 different detectors in one as opposed to the other brands that run in one frequency setting only. I would be using one today except that I favor Minelab PI detectors over VLF. I do carry one as backup and for hunting mine dumps/tailings.

I could be a tad bias in some folks minds as a dealer, but if I thought the others were the better product I would be selling them :inocent: I am not a multi line dealer simply because I will sell only what I use myself.

Just my 2 cents...

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