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Conversion Tables, anyone?

Steel Pan

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I stumbled across this site.

Thought it was worth sharin'. ;)


Conversion tables for just about every thing. :brows:

Pick the conversion you need

(try alphabetical units list if in doubt)

Mass and Weight Conversion

Metric conversion, Avoirdupois (U.S.), Troy, Apothecaries, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, old French, old Russian, ancient Greek and Roman, Biblical, etc.

Distance and Length Conversion

Metric conversion, British Imperial and U.S., old Russian, old French, old Spanish, Japanese, Thai, ancient Greek and Roman, nautical, typographical, astronomical, etc.

Capacity and Volume Conversion

Metric conversion, U.S., British Imperial, Japanese, Thai, old French, old Russian, ancient Roman, Biblical, etc.


Metric conversion, British and U.S., Japanese, Chinese, Thai, old French, old Spanish, old Russian, etc. Temperature

Temperature unit conversions: Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Reaumur, Rankine

Weight to Volume Conversion new!

Unique conversion from weight to volume and vica versa for over 400 various substances. Both metric and U.S. units are available.

Cooking Conversion

Convert between U.S. and European (metric conversion). Typical kitchen units of weight and volume for various cooking ingredients.

Fuel Economy

Convert fuel economy units: Miles per gallon, Litres per 100 kilometers, etc.


Metric Conversion, British and U.S., nautical, etc.

For runners: convert "minutes per mile" to "miles per hour", etc.


Metric units, British and U.S., car performance, free fall acceleration on Earth, moon, Mars and Venusetc.


Gregorian year, Julian year, syderic year, synodic month, syderic month, etc.

Pressure and Stress

Metric Conversion, British and U.S., mercury, atmosphere, etc.

Circular Measure

Conversions for degrees, radians, minutes, nautical, artillery, etc.

Energy and Work

International (SI), British and U.S. TNT energy equivalents, etc. Power

International (SI), common units (horsepower, etc.), British and American.


International (SI), British and American.

Volumetric flow rate

Flow rate units conversions based on volume. Not to make the list of units too long, only most used units are included. Other units can be added if needed, feel free to suggest.

Mass flow rate

Conversions of flow rate (transfer rate) units based on mass.

Fractions and Percent

Dozen, baker's dozen, gross, percent, permille, ppm, fractions, etc.

Computer Storage

Bits, bytes, megabytes, etc.

Data Transfer Rate

Computer and the Internet connection speed conversion, various common connection methods and protocols (KB/s, baud, ADSL, GPRS, minutes per MB, etc.)

Currency Conversion

World currency rates

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