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New Mexican Strewn Field

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After thousands of hours of searching I am confident that I have located a new strewn field in San Miguel County, New Mexico. At approximately 2:30 on the afternoon of May 11, 2010 I observed what seemed to be small elliptical fall area about 36” across in which I collected dozens of fully crusted, oriented specimens the size of a peach pit. Upon closer examination of the area I realized that there were actually many small elliptical falls within a wider area. After walking nearly a half mile and realizing that the material was literally everywhere the reality sunk in... I had found a new strewn field!

The specimens look like they have broken up in flight at some point and a secondary fusion crust has formed. Most if not all specimens are oriented. The fall must not have occurred recently because of the shrinkage cracks and the very friable nature of the material. Despite many of the individuals being nearly completely decayed, many remained in good shape and will make valuable collector’s items.

Due to the abundance of the material in this location several whole individuals have been submitted to the UNM Meteoritics Department for verification. I observe no chondrules and there are no visible metal flakes. The specimens are non-magnetic and leave a greenish streak when rubbed across your blue jeans. I am thinking they could be from Uranus!

Here are three individuals found within just a few inches of each other! Notice the orientation and the roll over lip on the trailing edge of the one on the right.

Here we can see shrinkage cracks from the earth’s freeze/thaw cycles. Notice the flow lines that formed as the material fell from Uranus.

And here we can see the inner matrix where the dark fusion crust has been broken away. This looks a lot like a sample that I have seen of NWA-420.

With such a fragile crust and a friable matrix these specimens will deteriorate quickly. I am working night and day to collect, photograph and GPS every specimen before they are all gone. I am certain that these meteorites will not last through the winter and by spring thaw I will possess the only material of this kind on earth!

If you are interested in purchasing one of these rare beauties they will soon be available on my website FellFromUranus.com. I will be offering artistic creations made from this rare material as well as very stylish body jewelry. Imagine a nipple ring from Uranus!

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Lol , thats pretty good Bob,

I think I have also found a newly discovered impact crater, and this will be the first.... I believe it has brought us an alien life form...


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I am WAY ahead of you guys! I perfected the tate test in Holbrook. I just put rabbit turds in a bowl with milk and used a magnetic spoon. The real meteorites stuck to the spoon. I was able to identify the rabbit turds with 100% accuracy that way!

So from experience I can tell you that these items are definitely from Uranus! And over the summer I have cataloged, GPS'd, and collected a whole pickup truck load of them to sell on Ebay.

And the body jewelry is simply magical! The belly button rings are flying off the shelf as well as the necklaces strung on my old used dental floss.

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Bob, Just Great! I think I saw a similar looking meteorite in Norton's under the Elkinites heading, maybe an Ek5 or Ek6. I'm with Jason, I was thinking you were dropping a strewn field on us. Still smiling!! Clifton

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I'll take a dozen! How can I possibly pass on a meteorite with such

solid, high-fiber provenance? That is the FRESHEST fall I have ever seen!

This fall at least, is not an overblown media-driven letdown, like the famous

"Shinola Fall". And believe me, I know the difference between this fall, and


With Apologies, Ben

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Ah yes! The Shinolites! And it is often difficult to tell the Shitites from the Shinolites without an expert evaluation. I can guarantee you my friend that this is the crap! A true Fecolite from Uranus. The kind that will take a polish.

I will be happy to give you crap Ben. No charge at all. You have been a great help and a super interesting guy to cuss and discuss with. Your witty offspring identified my first Holbrook and didnt hesitate to give me crap. I am impressed. So I have complementary string of fecolites for you and I have made a special set of nipple rings for your dark eyed toddler.

I am working on a new expected fall of fecolites. I have this hunch that on Christmas morning three may be fresh fecolites on roofs all over the United States. With a fresh snow and a good ladder a man might find something worthwhile if he searched enough roofs. Lord knows I cant search them all so I was wondering if you wanted to partner up? Just one Christmas fecolite could be worth millions!

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Bed Rock! Down here in the tail end of New Mexico, We call them Smart Pills! You get Real Smart, Real Fast after eating one thinking there a Giant Pinon Nut.

Homefire! How the hell are you? Find any goodies lately?

Of course the "smart pills" was told to me as a Texan joke when I was a child. I wont tell it.

Being a hunter I am a amateur scatologist and I have always loved elk turds. They are magic. I have used them as props for a joke for years. I have thrown them at my son, put them in his trail mix, filled his backpack with them, put them in his pillowcase, and put one on top of his birthday cake. I officiated at his wedding in July and I wrapped little handfulls of elk turds in tissue paper and had his buddies toss them with the confetti and rice. I even put one in his belly button when he fell asleep on a hunt, took a picture and posted it on this forum a couple of years back. Then I sent him the link. What a hoot!

I am working on harnessing the power of crap. You can actually use it to your advantage. The shitty nickel story is a good example. If you think about it there is a lot of power there. Crap means either humor or repulsion. Either one is a powerful emotion.

Case in point - Want to bury a stash where no one will look? Just put a little piece of toilet paper and a rock on top. Your stash is safer than a bank vault.

Crap is so worthless it has power. And when all you have is crap you gotta do something with it. I suppose that is why I posted this thread.

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Cool Beans! scatologist . Gotta remember that one. I knew it was elk or One hell of a Mule Deer.

I must be a Scatologist Too! LOL!

I may need some brushing up, because I was thinking Goat for a minute there.

There a bit more rounded you know!

A bit like Javelina too, Eaaa?

Flipping Cold down here. 16f the past few mornings.

No Outings here the Van is Sick and no funds to correct it.

I have four detectors and something is wrong with all of them.

Need Parts to fix em up and No Parts on hand.

No Worries, I'll get there.

Need to go High Grade your claim soon! LOL!

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