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So I am completely new to prospecting but I am an avid outdoorsman and figured this hobby would suit me. Im not looking for the dutchmans mine or anything. Just looking to do a lot of hiking and was wondering if anyone had any tips on good places to start in the Superstition Mountains.

I am also curious how to find out if there are active claims out there and what the protocol is for those areas. Are the areas fenced that are off limits? I really don't want to get into some trouble out there.

Also if anyone knows where i can find good maps of the mountains and maybe even maps of areas that are off limits it would be much appreciated.

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Not many known nugget producing areas in the Superstitions being worked by detectors as the geology in much of the area is not right. But there are stories and legends as we all know.

The Peralta Family was known to have some rich mines to the East, but Apaches hid most of those after killing off most of the family and hiding the gold they carried.

Also there was a mine and some placer gold near Apache Junction in Goldfield which is all on private property and a tourist attraction now.

Gold is where you find it, but I hunt more favorable areas known to produce placer nuggets so have no experience in the Superstitions...

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Hey Victor,

If your intent is to go hiking and find a pretty rock once in a while, the Superstitions, will work grate for you but if you really want to find some gold, you will have to branch out. There are clubs that have good gold claims, that don't cost a lot to join and most of the forums here in AZ host outings a few times a year. You can learn a lot from hanging out with like minded people. There are several forms of prospecting and you will have to find the one thats right for you.

Welcome to this forum and ask lots of questions!


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:inocent: Be very careful what you say and what you do around the Superstition Mtn. Alot of it is State Trust Land, and you need a permit to do almost anything on Lands they control. A Tonto Pass mean nothing to them.The minute you wonder off BLM, or National Forest lands, they got their hands in your pockets. Join a prospecting club, and be safe out their... do not go out alone or unarmed.

More Au to you, Robert

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