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Help needed to ID object

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Greetings, I signed up here to hopefully learn something about this "thing" that has found me. Short story, somewhere in the Amazon Jungle there were some loggers cutting down what is still left of the Amazon rain forest and they apparently while doing so, found a very strange, large (butt end of a vw bug sized) "rock" half burried in a part of the jungle where there are typically no rocks at all, just sand and clay. I have not seen the site, it is 20 days from the nearest city (boat, walk, walk, walk, walk,) but I do have a fragment from the site of which I have posted photos. Now, these people are pathological liars so I can´t really believe anything they say (first it´s not in a crater, then it is) but they say there are supposedly downed trees where it came in. Personally I think this is likely BS, but surely this rock is there and it´s big and it´s unusuall. Anyone able to tell me what this thing is? One thing I can tell you is it´s non-magnetic but heavy. The fragment is the size of a man´s clenched fist and I would estimate the weight at about 4 lbs (can weigh it later if an exact weight is important). So here are some pics.... any help identifiying this object would be greatly appreciated. I´d like to think we have found the worlds largest non magnetic meteorite, but I rather suspect not.

Thank you

Mark ...







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G'Day Mark

First off great photos. As for meteorite, forget it. But I have a couple of suggestions, one that has already been mentioned, which is galena and a nice specimen at that. But I'm curious about the structure and I'm going to throw a wild card in here, Arsenopyrite.

Hope the rest will chime in.



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Once while I lived in OKALAHOMA, we found an old lead mine, and it had stuff like that, In fact I sold some of the natural lead to a rock shop. Okalahoma and Arkansa both have lead mines. Grubstake

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Nonmagnetic ='s meteorwrong.

There's some extremely rare meteorites that aren't magnetic but outside of Antarctica the odds of finding one are very slim.

Keep trying because they're out there.

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