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Well since no one else took a stab at this one....I'll say that i have no knowledge of it but i do have a thought... :inocent: i think its a dirty trick perpetrated by the greenies and when you order one and it arrives it will contain gps coordinates to a plot of dirt 10 feet from a highway rest stop otherwise known as a dog run. I just cant see the BLM saying hey look come out and dig in our hills, but then again i am from California where things are getting stranger by the day. :thumbsupanim

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I lived in s. Cal many years ago and I can't believe that the place is any stranger now except that possibly everywhere is Like Venice Beach. cain't be stranger than that. They filmed the Star Wars bar scene there--didn't need to provide costumes!

As for the BLM book, it seems that it was intended for BLM androids(rangers?) to understand mining processes, prospecting nuts and bolts and wingnuts like myself who bust their asses for fun.

But, thanks for the free vs $ info. Hope I don't get infected with a BLM virus that spreads through forums like wildfire by reading it.

the Lord giveth

USFS and BLM taketh

Bill C

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