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How much Gold

Allen in MT

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This photo is of some gold from Libby Creek here in NW Montana, all found with a metal detector. :wacko:

The weight of all the little pieces is 22.6 grams. :ROFL:

Guess how many pieces of gold in the photo. :hmmmmm:

One guess per person. :aw-shucks:

The one that guesses correct or comes closest without going over will win a Video titled ( Jack Lange's Nugget Finding Secrets part IV) if there is more than one correct guess, 1st correct wins :whoope:

Contest will end in 10 days Dec 7th evening. :(

enjoy :D

Allen in MT


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Aloha Allen,

Great idea! I will take a WAG of 133.

Aloha and be safe out there.

Stan aka Ka'imi

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Geez, THANKS Allen :zapped:

Can anybody tell me how to get Sharpie permanent maker dots off my computer flat screen :wacko: :shrug: :tisk-tisk:

I will give a guess of 188 pieces of gold in that picture.

If I win can I get you to substitute a couple pieces of the gold instead of the video, I saw a couple of nice sized ones that will do just fine??? :inocent: :inocent:

Thanks for the fun :thumbsupanim , now to find someway to get these dang dots off my screen :unsure: :unsure:


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160 pieces of gold in the picture...I have been reading the posts on this forum for a long time..great info..thanks for the contest

Ron L

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