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11" Commander coil problem

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thanks matt, looks like i need to return my coil. it does make some sounds when brushing against the rocks and bushes, not real bad but it does, also it starts with c107. so my coil falls in. gonna send it in just to be sure when i get back from oregon. also my 15x12 mono sounds at the end of each swing. any idea why?


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Double check the coil to control box connection... wiggle the connection and see if it produces sound. Also, is the coil wire tightly connected to the lower rod? If it can wiggle, that can also cause a falsing at the end of a swing.

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I've got an 11" mono that came with my 5000 and has a serial #107... That gives me a lot of falses. I contacted Minelab and they are getting back to me tommorrow. I'll keep you posted. Dave

I'm sending it in to be tested, and or replaced. Dave

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Yo Copro, I saw that video a few months back and followed directions to repair my 6" Coiltek mono ... I couldn't believe that when I got inside I found the thing was held together with paper masking tape!!! :rolleyes: The main wire inside that was busted was about the size of a human hair, too small to work with easily, but I laid the two ends touching and stuck some instant drying super glue on it ... Then a bunch more everywhere else it looked funky then used some electrical tape just to beef things up ... Put it all back together and it works fine now.... Cheers, Unc

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IagreeI think for the main part Coiltec are great coils I have had a few one thing I do not understand

is some of their clunkiness such as the cords from coil to controll box too heavy in dia,too hard to wrap

allso their power cord is a beast, although I might have to haul someone out of de ditch sometime he he ,

they might have changed since the bogus ones came out.


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Hey Flak...I'm going to try to fix an older 18"DD CT next and am encouraged by my success with the first effort ... I've been in manufacturing for more than 35 years and put out many 10's of thousands of products ... Based on the "paper masking tape" technology, I could have reduced my costs...and thus, sales price ... by about 66% and still have made money... I do hope CT has upgraded ... (By the way, this in no way reflects upon our US distributor and dealers,) but, pa-leeze, paper masking tape on $300 +/- products!??? ... Can we say, "Engineered Obsolescence ?

On a second note, it seems to have been established on the forums over the years that coils simply cannot be repaired and if they go toasty out of warranty, then they are disposable ... That seems, in my experience, not 100% accurate ... In fact, if I was handy with repairing things, which I definitely am not, I could set up a little cottage business repairing coils that have gone friz-bee on beepster guys .. But I bet there are guys out there who are more mechanically inclined and of dexterous skill who could provide a good and valuable service to our community ... OK, over and out, happy holiday weekend... This Bud's on me (in spirit only!) :yuk-yuk: Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

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When I took my coil apart, I re-potted the wires with a bead of silicone glue to hold the wires into the little groove in the foam around the edging.

You have to get that anti-static paint to spray on the paper covering that you find when you open the coil cover up,

but that's easy.

The coil works perfectly now, it will-not-false-at-all.

I have absolutely no qualm about taking apart a faulty coil now and I am not a particularly mechanical person.

Half the battle is not to be afraid to try.

There are also a few very clear YouTube videos to use as reference

as luck would have it I did not discover them until after I had fixed mine.

So...people who are told their coils are "broken" should take heart;

These coils can be repaired and at least in my case, the coil works better than when it was new.

When you think of it, there is nothing much to lose is there?


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