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Woodsman, Those are extreemly common Brachiopod family fossils. Those resemble very much like the ones found outside of Payson, Arizona. Brachiopods are very common, and there are so many types, it would be hard to identify exactly what you have there. Those are fossils however , you can be sure of that.

Buy the book "national audobon society,field guide to North American Fossils" it will help you ID those specimens.

Good hunting!

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Every piece except for the darker grey looking one appear to be fossils. The "brainy" looking one could be part of the Echinoderms family, like sea cucumbers and such that lived on the bottom of the ocean. Buy the book I talked about, you will be glad you did.

Good hunting.....

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The picture of the "red/orange" stone is not to dicernable. But from the looks of it ,and how you describe the anomaly in it, that sounds like a fossil too. The "has a perfect circle with grooves inside it" looks and sounds like crynoid stems which are also very common.

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