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Help pricing a 206G Buzzard Coulee Fragment

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Hi there, been lurking for quite some time but never posted. I witnessed the Buzzard Coulee fall and it got me totally addicted to meteorites. I was lucky enough to pick up 2 chunks in the days following the fall, a 206g fragment and a 3 gram fragment. I have been out of work alot lately, vehicle died, have a little one on the way....alot of factors. I am looking to sell the 206 grammer but I am not experienced enough to price it, it has about 45-50% crust and a really nice matrix, buzzard had 2 different matrix colors. 1 dark and 1 light, both my frags are the lighter matrix. I have a few pics but they are taken with a camera phone, sorry for that...my wife owns a 10MP EOS but I can't work it lol, will get her to take some pics soon. Hate to sell it as I will not find one this big again, and getting one fresh and black like this isn't an option anymore. Harris





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G'Day hjerrett

I have to agree with Frank, you need to get some better images. But apart from that, I will try to answer your questions.

#1. Cost: Now this is a tricky one, depends on a lot of issues economy being # 1. But at the moment, low end $25/gram - high end $35/gram

#2. The high end would only be achieved with a COA (certificate of authenticity) plus some background... where you found it with GPS coordinates, some photos in situ. And proper classification from an institute.

#3. Beware that it is illegal to export meteorites from Canada without the proper permit. You can sell this meteorite within Canada, but if you plan on selling it outside of Canada, you will have to apply for an export permit. That will cost you money and time.

And also remember, they might decide not to grant you that permit. In that case, your only options are to sell within Canada.

I hope this helps.



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Thanks for the replies guys. I was aware of the export permit issue, just kind of looking at the options at the moment. No issues with the in situ pics and GPS, had my etrex and a good camera when I found it...but those pics are on my desktop which is packed up in storage due to moving a few months ago. Here are some better pics, I don't seem to have the option of removing the old ones though. Really appreciate your time, thanks again.





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