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Morning Bill,

Sounds like a good Idea to me. I'm new to Arizona and am getting a little weary of snorting around by myself. Last Week I had my head in a hole and butt in the air hoping for a nugget. Something made the hairs on the back of my neck stand at attention. I looked up to see the snouts of several javelina. I stood up and one of them trotted to about 10 feet from me. I backed up looking for a tree to climb but I was in the bush. I lost sight of them and left the area. They can have it.

These Collard peccaries sure were not afraid of me.

Bill C.

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Ah yes our pigs.... Really not as mean as they look they puff out their hair and clack their teeth to make a point and may even charge to within a couple feet. Several chased my old dog D.J. once funniest thing I have seen he went after one in our yard and several chased him back :ROFL:

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A collard peccary? Say What? Ain't never seen one before. I lived in Hawaii for about 30 years and spent a lot of time in the woods. I thunk that they was wild Pigs. Don't want mess with them BIG, BAD boys. Many Hawaii dogs and some Mokes have lost the fight.

Good to know that they only look mean and smell worse!

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Collared peccaries are fine eating and plentiful. They wont attack you but they dont see well. If you flush them they will run in every direction and even bump into you. I think that is where the bad reputation comes from. They are about 60 lbs when full grown.

My son and I hunt them all the time. They are as thick as jackrabbits here. Darn good in a pot of red chile or posole. You can use a coyote call and get them to come right in to you for photos or a lead slingin'.

Now there are also some wild hogs and you are talking a completely different animal. They WILL attack and often with no provocation at all. My son recently shot a 600 lb. hog. In the "bootheel" around the Animas Mts. they escaped from the miners who used them for lard to preserve the elk meat. Now those "lard hogs" are runing all over the place. You can hunt them any time of the year. The cowboys down there rope them from a horse! These are wild domestic hogs.

There are also Rusisan Boar in the area near Cloudcroft, and on the Pecos River between Roswell and Carlsbad. They will kill you and eat you if they can. Probably the most dangerous animal in North America. WAY more agressive than a grizzly bear. If you see one there is about a 50/50 chance that it will charge right at you. I have shot several and two were at 5 feet running full bore towards me. The boars can be 300-400 lbs and mean as heck! It takes a .357 and a head shot to knock one down permanently. Otherwise you will have a fight on your hands that can only end in one or the other of you taking a dirt nap. If the hog wins there will be nothing left of you except your hat and the soles of your boots.

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I'm a newbie to this forum and to meteorite prospecting. I'd really like to go on a trip with someone who knows what they're doing. I'd be happy to meet up somewhwere or whatever, I'm in the White Mountains.

I got drawn for spring javelina, too, if that helps.

Bedrock, I have spent some hours crawling on hands and knees in the salt cedars along the Pecos River in Eastern NM looking for those big Russian bores, all the while wondering what in the world I got myself into.

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Morning Bedrock,

The Russian Boar is the bad arse in Hawaii also. Although they don't seem to get as big in the Aloha State, I think 3 to 4 hundred pounds or so.

Big country. Big Pigs? Who knows?

Pig hunting in Hawaii is a big time deal. Locals and Kama'iana use dogs(generally short life spans) to occupy the boar while the hunter sneaks in and drills it with a gunshot, arrow or I've heard that the real sporty/macho types go for a slit throat. H'mmm like to see that! I've seen a few skulls with a large hole in the forehead just as you mentioned. Ain't no 22 long rifle.

The finish is good. Luau Pig and a cooler of ice cold beer.


Bill C

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