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Recently I've been coming across the following rocks.


Then I read in the July 2010 issue of Astronomy Magazine (Vol. 38, Issue 7; "Celebrating Space Rocks" pages 54-57), that made me think these probable meteorites.

Of course I read other threads in this forum, also I will be checking out the "Meteorwrongs" website.

Nevertheless, might these rocks be meteorites?

Thanks guys!

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Hi kbtaz, Thank You for the post! Well as anyone will tell on this forum, it's hard to tell from the pic, if they are meteorites or not. They seem like far flung volcanic pieces but, agian it's hard to tell from a pic. The first of twenty questions is, are they magnetic, that is, hold their own weight with a neodynium (rare earth) magnet or strong ferrite magnet? Are they heavy, iron like, or are they rock like? Are they heavier than a typical rock the same size. Did you find them by sight or with a metal detector? There is a nickel test kit that can be purchased at the links below. From a previous post.. There is a test that can be performed on the specimen for the presence of nickel in the meteorite. The test kit comes with a solution of dimethylglyoxime, a chelate that turns pink with nickel ions. The kit is not infallible though. Please see the second and third link for a discussion of the kit results. Please tell us if the result is positive or negative. If it's positive we (the forum folks) will help you in the next steps in getting it verifing that it's a meteroite, and what to do about getting it classified, and recorded. Good Luck and keep hunting'em!! Clifton




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