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Along with other areas that need attention now and then are the coil cables and

power cords...even the cables on the head phones as well as the pads that cover

your ears....wheither made out of plastic or rubber they still need to be taken

care of to extend their useful life....

Through the years in buying used equipment I've had a power cord and a coil cable's

outer covering split in half length ways because of age and drying out....inside

is usually two or three much smaller covered wires and taping the entire length

back together with electrical tapes is the pits....

So I've found that about every six months if I soak a cotton ball or piece of cloth

in liquid silicone and wet the entire length of cord or cable in silicone the

coverings not only last much longer but are much more flexible.

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Hey UNCLE DON, I have found the best way to preserve and extend the qualities of rubber based products from past experience of being in the glass business. At your local drugstore an inexpensive liquid to ask the pharmacist for is a small bottle of "glycerin" treating the expensive and literal life protecting suction cups we used to lift both large and small pieces of glass kept the rubber surfaces in a like new condition for years.

I remember being the 5th man many times on top a ladder with a suction cup lifting and guiding giant pieces of plate glass along with 4 other men at the same time the pieces were so damm heavy you felt like your arms would come out of their sockets lifting. Those suction cups did one hell of a job and never gave out.

Any ways wipe it on and rub it into the rubber surface works wonders. :zip-lip:

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Great advice.

the products used to protect car dashes like armour all are good to use as well plus they have a type of uv ray protectant that helps stop the sun prematurely aging plastics and rubber.

keep up the good work i always read your posts as you usually have some thing interesting to say or good advice.

happy huntin and tons of auau to u

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Good post Frank...I'll check with a drug store here today...probably none open as

this is Brazil's more or less Independence Day....I can find liquid silicone in

the grocery store here but now I'll for sure be looking for "glicerina".....

Another good product is 90% silicone grease for gaskets and seals made out of

rubber...like my two underwater detectors have rubber seals so about once a year

I open them and use a Q-tip to apply a little dab of silicone grease...I found it

at Ace Hardware....I'll bet the Glycerin will work wonders also....

Another pet peeve that I have is some of the knobs on detectors can be turned much

to easy....like when in heavy timber a limb will "readjust" a setting by slightly

turning a knob....solution is a small box of rubber O-rings...also at Ace Hardware.

Pull the knob off(look for set screws)...slip on the proper size O-ring ...replace

the knob and your set to go....

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