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Post count to sell here?

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Hey all.... I have been seeing allot of one post new members lately and I think they are just showing up to try to make sales. I try to avoid this here as most things we purchase from other members can be trusted as what was described...

This is not true if someone has not even participated or gotten to know anyone...

What do you think of setting things up so that you must have at least 25 posts to sell here at Nugget Shooter? All other rules will also still apply.

We are like a family here and I do not like seeing others show up just to try to sell us stuff :angry-smiley-010[1]:

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Aloha Bill,

You got my vote!:thumbsupanim

Aloha y'all and be safe out there.

Stan aka Ka'imi

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You can do it if you want but the times I have been used and abused were by people with good reps and well known on forums... this is not intended for anyone currently on the forums or selling stuff... I think 5 or ten posts would eliminate most of the one or two time shysters/promoters


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Bill the idea makes a lot of sense to me but 25 posts may be a lot for some of the guys who may have been here for even a couple of years. Why not say something like has been suggested ... say 10-15 posts or a year membership on the forum for those under the limit.

Great base idea to protect us! Thanks Bill!

Mike F

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  • 6 months later...

I don't mean to be a party-pooper, but by asking this question on the open forum, doesn't that just let the "one-time wonders" know that all they have to do is bop around the forum for 5 minutes placing irrelevant posts, THEN go and place the ad? As sad as it is, is the 10 post thing really going to stop the fact that they sell their item after 10 posts....then never show up again?

If it was me, and it ain't...LOL, I would consider maybe a fee based classified section. You could do a single use fee of like $5 per posting OR have a monthly or yearly membership plan with unlimited amounts of posts! The fee doesn't have to be too high, and maybe you can accompany the fee with a specific number of posts to be required by the user each week/month or however you want to do it?

This method would have a few different outcomes:

1) A person plans to only sell one item and never return. He/She pays the $5 for the ad to run a specified amount of time for a single use, they sell it and continue to use the site and become more active OR pay for a membership to post in the classifieds,


2) A person plans to only sell one item and never return. They leave the site and never return because they don't want to have to pay to sell.


3) They pay the fee to sell an item, sell it, and never return again because they don't want to pay.

Either way, with any of these scenarios, you have done one of two things:

You have either kept the unwanted single post sellers out of the site altogether, or you have made some extra money to help pay for the maintenance and upgrades to the site/servers!

Just my opinion!

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I run the classifieds to help out members when they have a used item to sell and really have no desire to make any money from it. Once in a while someone takes advantage of the setup, but not often enough to ruffle my feathers and I also moderate daily. I'll likely let it be for now....

Thanks for the suggestions though... :thumbsupanim

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Chris ... I'll reply a little stronger than Bill wants to do being the diplomat that he is. On the other hand I tend to be a little outspoken ...I like this forum ... I don't see a need for a change beyond those that Bill has already made ... it makes no differnece to me if it is one time poster or hundred times poster. The poster has his/her reasons for lurking, posting or post then run. And then there are the lurkers that have been here for years ... they are welcome too ... some will eventually post and share their experiences. In short ... All are welcome as far as I am concerned so long as they are legitimate posters and not spammers. I post because I like to; or have an opinion based on someone elses post or someone is looking for information that I might be able to share because I have some knowledge of that particular subject. Sometimes I even start a thread but not often. It takes all kinds to make a forum like this as good as it is. In short to charge for a classified add ... my opinion only ... on a forum like this that is so member driven would be a slap in the face to the membership and probably lead to fewer members and therefore fewer posts. In short information would not be shared and successful nuggget hunting experiences will go unnoticed and even the failures that are posted are learning experiences and should be posted in order that they be shared. So even though I believe you have a good idea and a reasonable explanation for doing it that way I don't believe it would be in the best interest of the members of this forum ... or non-members(aka lurkers) for that matter ... just my 2 cents for the moment.

Mike F.

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