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Last week's gold


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Hi gang, well I seem to be doing better and getting the hang of the 3500. Last week was another round of Gold Basin, and looking for the yellow metal. I was hunting most of the morning and just before lunch I hit a nice sounding target. This specific piece was down about seven inches turned out to be a nice little specimen. I'm trying to learn the "lay of the land" and go slower in my attempts. Enjoy, Jason. ;)



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Garimpo, I like using the Joey coil for all my detecting. It really sounds off on all the targets, whether gold, meteorites, or junk. Plus, I can swing for most of the day without too much pain :hahaha: :olddude:

Jason ;)

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Nice specie Jason,I've found a few nice gold /quartz nuggets in gold basin.Just got to Dolan yesterday. As soon as I get settled in I'll hit the basin for some of that yellow metal.


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Hey, Harry... you getting that 5000?

I saw Bill hunting with one out there during the Outing. All I'll say is that he didn't go away empty handed. Not the biggest (what he showed, anyway) but also not skunked in any way, shape or form.

Good Au to you guys

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Hey Jayray,

Nice gold to go with the Meteorites. Will have to meet up with you again in the basin some time.


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