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meteorites for sale

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hello to all those interested in collecting meteorites, I have many for sale as you see in the pictures, also am familiar with the site of impact (I will not mention locations because only very few people know the exact location), the crater is a very large approximately 700 meters or more in radius where tektites are found, slag, gaps and meteorites.

One of these meteorites and was certified as a achondrites, this is not for sale, for others they are doing studies for cerfiticacion.

sorry but I could not upload the images for the site because they have a very large format, but here they are












interested in any of these meteorites please write to one of these emails



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Hello there and welcome to the forum. As with any pictures, the suspected rocks displayed are a bit hard to tell if they are meteorites or not. Some of the pictures have promising attributes, and others look like terrestrial rocks. Prior to trying to sell your supply, you might want to do some more research about the suspected meteorites and provide a little more evidence to their authenticity. Have you done any streak testing? Are they magnetic? Have you provided any specimens to an institution or laboratory for further testing? How do you know there is an achrondrite in the mix? I will provide a good link about meteorites, and wrongs, and that is a good place to start. The people here on the forum are very knowledgable about such topics and can provide valuable insight to tell the difference, once the suspected rocks are confirmed meteorites. Good luck with your endeavors,and keep looking down. Jason ;)

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I have to agree with JayRay, some of those stones are questionable. Also you say they are found in a 700 meter crater that only a few people know of. That is a pretty good size crater almost 2300 feet across, unless its underwater, I am sure a whole lot of people know about it, especially with all the surface imaging they have now adays.


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hello, thank you all for your comments

jason, the evidence to determine that it is a achondrites were conducted at a university in Spain, They Are no magnetic, and some already are doing their mineralogy studies to determine its elements.

dave, this crater is located in a sparsely populated area, and yet if you're traveling this zone you'd no realize you're in a crater, and that the passage of time lost something of its shape. at the site of the crater is a failure and hence the crater is a little moved, this can be seen in aerial photo of the area but even from the top is a bit difficult to see in this picture because it is quite cloudy and being a sparsely populated area there are not many aerial photographs.

fred, do not give locations of the crater that already is working with experts in the area on this discovery, the news will come out then if I tell everyone no longer be news, another reason is because in impact site is much material and if I tell everyone its location the material will just disappear

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Here is the link I was talking about, sorry, I forgot to put into the first email.


After looking at some of the photos again, there seems to be some of the suspected rocks with small air holes or what might have been bubbles in it. Again, not having them in front of me to examine them in person, it's hard to tell. But I'm thinking more terrestrial than meteoric. Good luck and keep looking. Jason ;)

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