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The Jackass Flats pit


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I asked about this before and someone warned me about harvesting up there and not being a good time to go. When does it get safe to go up there? Also, I think I'd be coming in from the north side at tyler foot rd and Jackass Flats rd. Looks like a major rd that leads up to the diggings. Doesn't look like there'd be much growing going on there. So is it safe up in that part and has that area been worked a lot or is there the possibility of some decent gold there?

Jackass flats location

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:*&$*(: snow Snow SNOW right now :olddude: gotta move fast between the bud and winter seasons here in kalif otherwise it's a muddy spring thing. Farmers Almanac calling for colder and wetter this winter so hold on as Nevada City can get hammered bigtime- :spinnin: -John

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