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My wife are just starting out, we both need an outdoor hobby. Trying md and have a dry washer on order (ol yeller). My question is, will a small piece of gold jewelry if buried sound the same as a small nugget? I brought a small amount of soil from our detecting area to try to match mineralization. We obviously need training as we haven't found anything except iron. We have xterra 705s.

Thanks for your help.

John & Donna

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John in AZ ,Bringing dirt from an area will not react the same as dirt compacted in it natural state. the only way to practice for minerization is out in the feild. You can practice a lot in the back yard or park if that is leagle. Small lead shot will sound and hit like gold.You will find this out in time,if you have something gold about a gram that would work well as a tester till you get a test nugget. glue the nugget to a poker chip or keep it in a plastic vial . they are hard to find if dropped in a unintended location,Solid gold sounds different from pourouse gold.Get used to balancing your machine and balance it offten, and keep that coils scraping on the ground.good luck on your new endevore.

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Hey alright ! another 705 user. I just started doing this a month ago or so WELCOME! Something tells me experience is gonna teach us the most on the signals. I hit this black sand area in a wash. Well the machine was telling me there was something there even though I had the discrimination all the way up!

I can only hope I get it set up right to begin with I watched that video Bill posted and I watch it again before I go out each time.

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