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First gold detecting!


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Well, not the best to follow Bill here in showing gold found but this is my first gold found detecting! Last year I had a GM3 and only went out a few times with it. This year I had a GB2 for a short time and sold it to buy the GMT that I have now for about a month.

The guy that I was going to buy the SD minelab from is a really cool guy and I met up with him last Sun and today at a hydrolic pit he goes to. He was more concerned about me having the right detector for me rather than selling me the minelab and said he'd take me out to his spots and kind of coach me along with my GMT. He showed me a lot of stuff, go low and slow put that coil on the ground.

So last week he kind of "helped" me with his tesoro lobo and kind of found targets that I should go over with my GMT. And Damit, every target he thought was gold without even pulling a pick out and let me dig, WAS GOLD. So those are the three little pickers on the left.

Today we went out and he brought his GP Extreme with a 18" Coiltec coil. The cool part about today was, I looked for my own places to hunt where I thought gold might be, kind of prospected it out on my own, and found two decent pickers! And skunked him with the minelab! :P

So yeah, cool day, my first gold with a detector. Got a lot to learn but starting to get familiar with the GMT and how to identify different things.


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Thanks guys! Yeah, I was pretty happy when I found the first one. After digging iron pieces and thinking mineralization are targets all day I was wondering if I would ever find any. When I narrowed it down in my scoop I said, hey, gold! I'm also used to seeing gold in water, clean and shinny where you can spot it right away.

If it wasn't raining today I'd be out again :)

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