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Picked up these yesterday

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Found this set of ladles, they are size 3, 4, 5, 6, and 9. They have sliding handles and some of them have been heavily used, one of them has a small amount of gold caught in the skim tube.

They are all ROWELL MFG CO APPELTON WIS PATENTED APRIL 22 1919. All but the #5 have "WAS NEWWAY" with these bottom marks also.These are all self skim ladles for gold, lead ,babbit and the #9 would hold about 50 pounds of lead, took a big man to pour that!


post-7251-030277500 1289052533_thumb.jpg

post-7251-040456700 1289052609_thumb.jpg

post-7251-099045500 1289052655_thumb.jpg

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Now Denny you know better than that! Ha-Ha

He did have 2 mine cars one a newer one with a recent machine shop rebuild the other a whell barrow type, both grossly over priced at I bealive 1900 and 2 K but I may be mistaken on his price but not the worth, i have sold a few and I didn't get that much for one that I rolled out of a tunnel myself full of ore!

He had a plain cap can at 85 and a Atlas blaster at 400 but it had new wood, no writing.

Garimpo, I did put it the smallest one and had to get my MagLite out to find it!!

This one in the picture is what will sell!

Wow that is one hell of a find, did they have any more?

post-7251-044501400 1289081361_thumb.jpg

post-7251-060718300 1289081760_thumb.jpg

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El Dorodo , Terry, Thanks guys, Every one says they belong in a museum and if they could talk? Where have they been? The big one has been used the most but is in better conditon than the two middle sized ones. The small one is in very good condition built a little different, but carries the same markings as the others. One has some lead remaining in it and one has what appears to be some gold remaining in it, they are all self skiming having a tube from the bottom to the lip which keeps the dross out of the mold. The big one should hold 50 pounds of lead! I for one don't want to be around that much moten anything! I am wondering if they where used in Octave or the Congress mines? Or even the Vulture?

I don't know what I was thinking when I bought them being in the process of moving from a Motor Home in to a 1 bedroom apt, the wife is not apprectative of my decorating instinct, also I am going to have to look for a home for my U.S. Army 1945 Styron Gasoline Rock Drill, its a copy of an Atlas Copco or a forerunner, in original Army Drab paint ,it runs! The same guy that carried the big mold around obviously ran the rock drill, maybe some one will sponsor them to a mining museum.


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:thumbsupanim Right on Max-glad to hear your all safe and sound in AZ again and finding them righteous goodies-respect as always bud as I've never found anything in that great of condition.-John :whoope:
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John, Some one had been taking care of them and using a couple, the rock drill I saved at the last minute for being loaded in to a frieght car load of scrap, they workers had actualy taken it from an Army box and had already threw the bits into the car, it originaly came with a "Starter bit" about 12' long, then an 18" and about 36", it uses 1 3/4" hex-head hollow stem bits and I have not found a one, but its hell on a 3' section of 1 1/2"water pipe!

I might keep it because right now I am looking at some patented property that has both hard rock and placer but no water. If I can find some suitable pardners, I'll start my own Pay to Play! With gold at $1400+ a couple of grams will make a 100 bill! If I can't get a couple of grams + a day I'll go back to diving for Golf Balls, and I hate Golf! Charge them $100 and limit each day to 15 people, bring in a trommel and of course a water truck, only open on Saturdays, the rest of the time I can play with my rockdrill an blow up some rock!

Stay Safe!


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