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Spanking the Studmuffin Twins

John B.

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Hi All

I was pretty busy and couldn't make the Gold Basin outing :angry-smiley-010[1]: !! But a little birdie told me a number of folks got to spank the Studmuffin Twins with finds there :hahaha: ?? Now I know from past experiences Scotty works at it pretty hard and is a tough one to spank :hmmmmm: !! But ol Russ is a piece of cake :shrug: !! Happy Huntin John B.

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Guest goldstudmuffin

Yes it's true John, but I'm the only one that found a hubcap off of a 1911 hudson, it was in pristene condition until I stuck my pick through it. :yuk-yuk: You missed out!!!

Mike and Gary were nice enough to invite us into there camp, but they didn't know that Scott snores like a grizzly bear. I've learned to sleep with my blackwidows headphones on at night. :zzzzz: The next morning the wind was blowing 30 mph, Mike and Gary's tents were trying to take flight... and we decided to head south to hunt somewhere that still has some gold and alot less wind, :zip-lip: I did manage to find a nugget there. I think Mike wanted us to stick around for the coin hunt so he could use Scotty as a wind break. :evil1:

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