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think I found meteorite

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I was doing some work in my back yard about 6 months ago. I found this heavy black rock in the ground, thinking nothing of it I tossed it aside in a rock pile. After watching the show meteorite men, I was curious to see if that rock was a meteorite. I am wondering if it is a meteor and if it is what do I do with it.

Thank you for your replies, Kyle

post-23866-033763000 1288990083_thumb.jp

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Kyle, welcome to the forum. As with any picture, it's hard to tell it something is or is not a meteorite. The rock you have does resemble a meteorite, and there are certain characteristics that make it look terrestrial. The blown-out bubble holes look like that made from a terrestrial occurrence. Down in the left hand corner of the pic, it looks like the inside is made up of smaller material (white rocks or smaller grains of some white substance). A meteorite will have a nice matrix of nickel and iron on the inside, if a common chondrite type. If it is an iron, then the whole thing would be iron. The "crust" of the rock you have doesn't look right either. Here is a good web site that has many meteorite wrongs to compare to;


This web site is a good place to start to see what you have. Again, good luck, and keep looking down. Jason ;)

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Hi Kyle, As Jason said it pretty hard to tell with a pic, but the pic does show some promise. There is a test that can be performed on the specimen for the presence of nickel in the meteorite. The test kit comes with a solution of dimethylglyoxime, a chelate that turns pink with nickel ions. The kit is not infallible though. Please see the second and third link for a discussion of the kit results. Please tell us if the result is positive or negative. If it's positive we (the forum folks) will help you in the next steps in getting it verifing that it's a meteroite, and what to do about getting it classified, and recorded. Good Luck, and stay observant!! Clifton




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