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At LAST!!!!!!!!!!


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Well, the my Gold Basin Saga at last has a happy ending. After Grandpa John proved there is Gold in the Basin...he let me check the signal with my 3500 and after watching his low and slow technique...and now having a fully functional and brilliantly working 3500...........I found a Gold basin nugget...but wait, there's more....

Monday morning I found a mini-patch and got three more nuggets...to say I am thrilled is an understatement....

many good people have listened to me whine and cry about gold basin...at last I can look other nugget hunters in the eye and say...hey, I have found some too!

Many thanks to GP John and all the others that helped me in my little quest.

The smallest nugglet weighed 2 and 1/2 GRAINS the biggest was 25 grains...total of 2.6 GRAMS

I got five little meteorites too...for 113 grams total

My buddy Jeff found a nugget on Sunday morning...my apprentice beat me to our first gold-basin nugget...good for him!


post-378-065463000 1288884705_thumb.jpg

post-378-088410700 1288884735_thumb.jpg

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BIG CONGRATS FRED, yes Grandpa John was instrumental in this JINX BEATER.

BUT don't forget Uncle Marvin had a hand in the magic also.... first was BUNK with Uncle Marvin finding a beautiful 116 plus grammer then YOU shook Marvins hand, it just took a couple days longer for the magic to work cause you were a HARD CASE Senerio. :hmmmmm: :whoope: :hahaha:

post-562-043747200 1288887123_thumb.jpg

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Very nice Fred! I know nailing gold out at Gold Basin has been a goal of yours for years and you certainly put the time in to earn those bad boys. Congrats!

Sheesh I barely kept the skunk off my back out there with meteorites last weekend! Oh well... sometimes it happens.

Did you stop by Franconia on the way and nail a chondrite there? I'm sure you know what I'm referring to!

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Fred ... WTG and Congratulations! :thumbsupanim The silence will now be deafening now ... whatever will you be able to complain about now? :inocent: Hope you know I'm yanking your chain ...! :rolleyes:

Hope to see you around in February when I'm in AZ ... any chance you'll be around RH area then ... been a long time since the last AZO outing where I first met you.

Mike F

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Hey Fred, congrats... no other place like the basin... gold and meteorites at the same time... cant get better than that...


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There is nothing sweeter than after so many skunks in gold basin to finally get that nugget,It took me 4 trips out there and i was starting to doubt they were any left out there, :nutty: Then BAMM,Funny how they are easier to find after the first one, :miner:

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Great day, Fred! Thanks for posting the pictures and sharing the news. There's still hope!


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Fred: How well I recall the travails you were having with your 3500 during the WSPA outing some months back. Great news to hear of your turn around [a fully functioning detector can make life sooo sweeeet]!

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