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New PM Coils?

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Just got home from the outing and found these waiting for me... This is a new coil design out of Australia by PM coils I am testing on my GPX-5000. I really like the "long slim" style design and am anxious to get them into the field for testing this week. I may have these available in the future after I put some time on them and work out some details with the maker. The large one is 18 x 5.5 and the smaller is 15 x 3.5 and both are very lightweight (mono), sweet!

More to come....


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Hi Bill,

Those PM coils have a rectangle design kinda like the Sierra "Bigfoot" except that these are made for Minelabs detectors.

I like them already. I'd like to know how they compare for depth and price, against Nugget Finder, Minelabs, and Coiltek. Can they be used on fossils like my SD 2100, or my Version Two?


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Bill.... any reports one these yet?

Still working with them to get them properly tweaked for the 5000, have not tested on earlier models and hope to do that this weekend. Need to find a 4000 or 4500 user to borrow for a day for some testing :spinnin:

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Bill, if those babys get good/decent depth and the sensitivity is on par,.....they would be just the TICKET to under the BUSHES, and also a cleared an flat raked area.

How bout some more details like sizes and costs after you check em out a little more.

It would be great if they came into the market with a reasonable cost.

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