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Bill ... May not be the right place to post this but I just read through all of this section and will be moving on to the other sections too. Obviously I haven't been on your forum as a reader or contributor for a long time now ... Wow! Lots of change and from what I can see for the better. I just wanted to say thanks for making a great forum better! I promise to be here a little more frequesntly. Been concentrating on retiring from Real Estate and getting ready to move to AZ.

BTW ... if after you read this post you wish to delete feel free ... no hard feelings ... I truly understand! :thumbsupanim

Mike F.

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G'Day Mike

Good to see your back. I think you realize that Bill's at Gold Basin, that once a year outing which I couldn't make it to. But dang, I can smell Fred's chili drifting all the way over to L.A. Hell, it's making me hungry!

Hope life's treating you well and hope to see you return more often and don't worry about the lapse in time, I've been the same way here and on other forums. Just have had too much on my plate which is a real bummer because I really appreciate a lot of the friends I've made on a lot of the forums.



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Well hello there Mike.

Long time no hear. Glad to hear from you and I hope all is going well in the adventure of retirement.


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Johnno & Bob ... Well life has been a bit of an adventure over the last few months. I thought I was retiring and moving out to AZ by myself once I retire this December ... not so anymore ... still retiring as of December 31st but not making the move until June ... at least officially ... I'm already moved in my head! part of the story goes like this ... An old female friend who I have known and worked with for the last 20 years or so and I got togther this spring. You just never know when you're not looking for a mate who is just around the corner or right in front of you! Anyway, she has turned out to be the perfect woman for me. Very much an outdoor person ... lets see, she kayaks, fishes, crystal hunts, loves to walk and bike to name a few things ... and was planning to move back to Colorado after her son graduates in June 2011. So my plans have been moved back just a few months to accommadate her plans and then we will move out to AZ instead of CO together. Spent a week the end of September into October looking for a home in the Prescott area down to about Yarnell. Thought at first I was interested in Wickenburg and Congress down to Morristown but spent a week in Congress last year in the heat and decided to move bit higher in elevation. Yarnell is looking good for starters and close to where I have done most of my prospecting in the past. I like Prescott Valley and Dewey-Humbolt areas too. Carol is driving out with me late January to spend the first week of my February vacation to see the area and help me search for a home for us. Then she'll fly back to NH while I stay for the rest of the month and play in the dirt! I have a feeling while we are out there together she will want to do a little crystal hunting which is one of her hobbies and I bet if I put my 4500 in her hands and she finds a nugget I won't have a back up to my 5000 anymore! The woman is not afraid to get her nails dirty if you know what I mean!

So that's part of my story and I'm sticking to it! :inocent: Oh ... And yes after reading a few posts I am aware that Bill S. is out playing and eating Fred's super Chile Verde instead of waiting at home for me to come back on the forum! :lol:

Mike F

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