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These are some of my speciems

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Posting these in honor of my new friend and fellow crystal collector Bigrex but all can enjoy!

The Florite I scored at a yard sale, came with the house man said. Looks to me like Burro MTs near Lordsburg ,NM

The Epidote came from a mine near EL Alamo, Baja, this is very near to where the WaterMelon Tourmaline that is in Josie Scripts mueseum in Oceanside,CA. came from in 1935. I have talked to the son of the owner who was there the day she bought it for 20 bucks, last I knew it was million or more, we worked the dumps there in about 1986 or so and got many 1 inchers of all colors.

The mine has been caved in from the top with huge blocks of matrix that sourounded the pockets of tourmalines.

If the political situation ever changes this would be worth opening up. The son is the present owner and says its been abandoned since WW2.




post-7251-046743200 1288350232_thumb.jpg

post-7251-022155500 1288350280_thumb.jpg

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Well, thank Giloroao,

That piece of dark purple fluorite reminds me a little of one I bought that is from IL, but I think the one you have there is slightly lighter and prettier colored. Twenty bucks for a mine?! Wow, sounds like the American Dream was alive and well. Here's a ruby I found in NC, nice crystal structure on this one:


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No Big Rex it was a huge watermelon tourmaline! Now don't tell me you are a serious crystal collector and don'y know of the Josie Scrippts colletion!!?

steve said that the links to the speicemans was not coming through, , theye here on mine? and yours.

I have lot more to post when I get moved in.


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