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Where to go hunting? Northern Illinois

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I live in Northern Illinois and know of the Mifflin strewenfield in Wisconsin. I would love to go and see what I can find but I am not sure exactly where to go or who to talk to. I was thinking that I could go up and ask around to see if some nice people would let me look around. I live close to lake Michigan, is it worth my time to try on the beach for meteorites? Any ideas of where I can go??

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Here's a link to Eric Wichmans website that shows the Mifflin strewnfield map and some finds-

Mifflin Strewnfield

Download the kmz file and open it in Google Earth. Then figure out the start and end points of the strewnfield axis and mark the GPS coordinates. Put those coodinates into your GPS and draw a track log using the two points. While your out in the field run the track and you'll be able to see the strewnfield axis anytime you want.

I didn't get a chance to hunt Mifflin but it's my understanding most of the land is private. Make sure to get permission to hunt peoples land and know where you're at at all times. I'd also try to find a land status map and look for open land.

Additionally you can go to the Meteoritical Societies database to see where other meteorites have been found in your area in the past-

Met Soc

You might also want to check out the Sky Rock Cafe forum-

Sky Rock Cafe Forum

There's a few guys that post on this forum that have successfully hunted meteorites from your neck of the woods. The guy that owns the forum scored a pretty good one out at Mifflin, you should be able to find his post somewhere on there.

Hope this helps, good luck out there!


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The Mifflin strewnfield would probably be your best chance of finding a meteorite in your location. I found a 18gr individual there, but spent 5 days hunting. The Park Forest Illinois strewnfield is probably closer to you and I've found some small fragments there over the last few years but most of the hunting areas are hard to access because it's a highly populated area.

Happy Hunting!

Jim K

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