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New Meteorite Men - Nov 2 Tuesday 9 pm Sci

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Saw an advertisement the other day for new Meteorite Men on Tuesday Nov 2 at 9 pm on the Science Channel. For my recent fun, skipped out on work for a few hours on Sunday a week ago. Went to El Dorado dry lake, got hailed on good, the vehicle only 40 ft on the dry lake - almost got stuck in the mud -- I was just stuck awhile ago in the summer (should have seen my face - you probably could'a heard me cussing anywhere in the western US). Anyways no meteorites just bullets and BBs, but a wonderful cloud show. A Good Time, Clifton


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Hi Clifton,

Sounds like it got a little "humid" at El Dorado. Were you able to hunt the periphery of the lake at all? Get any pics? I know it's messed up getting stuck and all. Still a gas to get out and hunt anyway. There's always "the next hunt".


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Ya Ben I got about 4 hours in, on the East side of the highway. The light dizzle was OK but, the lightning strikes were making me pretty nervious. I could hear the electric EM pulse on the headphones of the detector and was counting the seconds to the thunder. I was thinking how the newspaper account was going to read dum guy killed by lightning, tallest object in 20 square miles carrying a metal rod (metal detector). But it was fine, had fun till the rain chased me out in the end. There is a pic below looking South West from the East side of the highway. Clifton

post-21761-069031300 1288159359_thumb.jp

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Hey Ben, I though I'd include a pic from getting stuck in the mud eariler this year, it was April. I was going about 20 mph. The mud was crusted over at the begining, it looked like a patch of sand near some low brush, then too late. My Daughter is using the cellphone to call for help. Actually got a good deal of hunt'n in waiting for help to arrive, but no finds. Clifton

post-21761-092642700 1288195457_thumb.jp

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Dear Clifton:

Thank you for the nice post! For other Nuggetshooter members who are interested, the Meteorite Men Season Two trailer is now online:

I hope you fellow rockhounds will enjoy the new season. We certainly pulled out all the stops making it, and the first episode can be seen this coming Tuesday at 9 pm e/p on Science Channel and Science Channel HD.

With best wishes to all,

Geoff of Meteorite Men



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