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Gone but not forgotten

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Aloha Johnno,

Maybe its my paranoia catching up to me or it may just be the Hawaiian in me BUT every time I go out to Franconia and

Gold Basin especially it seems like someone is watching me. :whaaaa:

Yes, I really miss the big guy too. It just doesnt seem the same hunting without him coming up on you without notice and asking "So how are things going?" Geez, he scared the cr*p out of me a couple of times, BUT I still miss him. Hope he is having a great time catching meteors instead of meteorites.:thumbsupanim

Aloha all and be safe as usual.

Stan aka Ka'imi

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Johnno,Big Jim may be gone but he will never be forgotten. Everytime I'm out looking for meteorites or going over My collection it brings back lots of good memerories of Him.


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Thanks for the post Johnno. Harry you are right on. I was loading Meteorites and other artifacts into my first display case today before reading this thread. Jim always comes to mind when handling my collection and today was no exception.


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G'Day Everyone

Thank you for your responses. Jim was an exceptional person, a gentle giant and he is missed but never forgotten. Everyone has added a special tribute to a special person. Jim, if I don't hear from you, I will return in 12 months. Love you, take care mate.



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Hi All,

It's hard not to think about Jim when we hunt certain areas. Last year, Erik and I were hunting at Gold Basin the weekend that Jim died. We didn't see any other hunters all day, both days. It was probably still too hot for anyone that insn't crazy or dedicated. We were camped in the usual spot on the GPAA claims. In spite of not seeing anybody all day, in the late afternoon, back at camp, we still had that feeling that we'd had so many times before at both Franconia and Gold Basin, that we'd see Jim pull up in his pickup, and we'd "visit" for while. It was always something to look forward to. There was nothing like how you'd feel showing him the day's finds, and him pulling out "just a few odd stones" he'd found since you talked last. He would recount stories of his recent and past hunts, add a little technical information, and then, when he had your attention so tight that you might fall out of your camp-chair, he'd toss out something so funny that you'd almost piss yourself, laughing so hard. It was like you were a kid again, and your favorite uncle just dropped by. I don't think I have to tell you how that feels. And when I'm out there, I still get the feeling he's gonna surprise us again, coming up over the next hill, or walking into camp with his hand outstretched. So you see, in a way, he's still very much with us.


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