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Well I made a scouting trip up to the Basin yesterday to check out the roads and areas, they have had some very good rains there this past week ALL the washes have run, there is new ground exposed everywhere EXCELLENT for DETECTING.

I meet up with Bunk as he arrived and was setting up camp ahead of me. He was as excited as I to see the rains had hit there.

So to let you know the roads are freshly graded this weekend and its looking GOOD. I will mark the EASIEST route that allows trailers etc. into camp with signs on Tuesday the 26th my route will be fine as I am pulling a 5th wheel thru it.

Those of you who are NEW to Gold Basin beware it is OPEN RANGE there are cattle wandering so speeding down the roads can land you with a 400 pound hood ornament and injuries, take it easy on the dirt roads please.===========

AND I had the oppertunity to DETECT with my wife and a splitter on my headphones allowing her to walk along side me and hear my detector, ( trying to raise her interest in detecting ) and we came across an 17.8 gram meteorite at 6 inches, a 1999 D Dime out in the middle of nowhere, and of course a few pieces of lead 1 of which was a .44 that sounded SO sweet at first :wah2: thought I had a nice nugget.

So all is good and looking foward to the trip see yaall there.

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Frank, and everyone,

I just got back from Gold Basin today also, there were 2 trailers in the camping spots, looked like no-one was around when I drove by. The roads were just graded.. last week the roads were really bad, good thing they keep it graded. Someone has been digging big time at the GPAA shack, they must have hit a big pocket, but I did not see who, they left a lot of stuff there also. I have been going by there in the last month and have not seen anyone.

If anyone needs water for their trailer there is a self service water well right across from the bank in dolan springs right on Pierce Ferry Road. I think its like .25 cents for 25 gallons, its made to fill water haul tanks, so watch out if filling on water it really comes out.

There is a grocery store, a gas station, and dollar store in dolan springs. Dont get gas there as it is a little expensive. There is also a gas station/ Convenience store in Meadview, it is also a little expensive.

If coming from the Kingman area, there is a shortcut to Gold Basin just take Stockton Hill Road It will go all the way to Pierce Ferry Road, about 1/2 mile to Greggs Hideout Rd turnout. That will save you a lot of time and miles than going around taking the 93 to Pierce Ferry Rd. Filling up in gas in Kingman is the cheapest.

If coming from Vegas, the bridge is complete, so no more waiting on the security checks across the dam, its a lot faster now. But fillup your gas in Boulder City, as that is the cheapest.

If anyone has any other questions feel free to ask...

See everyone there... :whoope:


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Fred, somewhere here on the net, saw what Frank was putting on the signs. I'm right now, going thru the forums for last call! Leaving early in AM. See you there-


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Hey guys these larger signs with the lettering will guide people from the main rd. intersection corner of Pierce Ferry Rd. AND Greggs Hideout Rd. almost all the way to camp then the Stakes with a white painted top and the letter N will get you the rest of the way.

This route I am marking I am bringing a 5th wheel trailer on it is the shortest and smoothest NO WORRIES.

I have been PLAGUED with problems and injuries it looks like no generator for me after working on it for 3 hours. And I'm just plain ol disgusted and hurtin I was planning on leaving in the morning tomorrow and by hook or crook I'm gonna I need a get=a= WAY.

If these signs don't do it for ya GO home an git the seein eye dog come back an try it again.

See ya there I hope....

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post-562-059374700 1288050351_thumb.jpg

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Re: Rain -

Another reason to get out there, if it has washed.

There is the helicopter refueling station, among other things, and the roads do tend to get re-graded quickly for the fuel trucks.

I was out at our new claim at Johnnie (out from Las Vegas about as far NW as Gold Basin is SE) and the roads were pretty washed over there too, but not yet regraded. This wasn't a "big one", and didn't move a lot of material in the washes I visited, though some old drywasher holes left from some time ago were drifted full of light sand and mud. Sounds like there was more washing and movement of dirt out Gold Basin way.

And Frank: Some of those bullet fragments SURE sound pretty don't they? A couple of times I'd have SWORN that the target was too deep and in the wrong kind of material to be a bullet - but it was. :aw-shucks:

BTW, I posted one of my tradmark looong posts under the original outing topic, along with a few maps....


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What size coil is best for Gold Basin? Minelab detector

Mild soil

Allot of EMI (Hoover Dam Power) for early Minelabs with large coils

Bring a selection, there are big deep nuggets as well as shallow small. most meteorites are shallow as well.

I generally use a 14 or 15 inch mono...

See ya there!

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If you're still reading, give me a call (I figure if you have Internet, you have cell, too) and I can talk to you about the genset. maybe i can bring something up to help get'r going.

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Good news here. Because of a change in plans, it appears that Wendy, Dog and I will be able to make the outing.

If there are no other changes, we should be there sometime Thursday.

Looking forward to meeting everyone we can.

If there are any TDI experts there, please look me up. I could use some pointers.

Patrick in Havasu.....

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With all those stakes labeled simply "N" i hope no blondes are driving! LOL

Looking forward to the drive up Friday with Frank (well, the drive anyway :P )

How far up greg's Hideout do you go? I've never been to this area. how will a 2WD Dually with street tires do on the road?

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