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Tesoro Lobo SuperTraq Finds

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As many of you know we were fortunate to bring Prescott, AZ- based Tesoro Electronics on as our official "VLF" metal detector supplier and sponsor earlier this year. Well, so far so good! The first Tesoro Lobo Supertraq nugget we found this season was out in Rich Hill's alluvial fan, weighing in at just over 6-grams at 8" deep about two-week's ago. Yesterday, Michael and his Son Jay from Minnisota, found a nice 1.4- gram nugget at about 5"-deep on Rich Hill, using the Tesoro Lobo! Cheers! - Terry

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I have not Fred. I have seen them used on tailing piles and in super-trashy areas, but I never broke down and bought one. How about you? - Terry

I always enjoyed my Lobo ST...it found many nice nuggets...have you tried the small coil for nuggets?


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Fred and Terry I have four small coils that I use for special applications...a Coiltek

Platypus...a Coiltek Joey DD...and two Coiltek Joey mono's....

Much of the area here is hilly and at the bottom of the hills there's always a ditch aka

drainage....their small...usually less than 6 feet across and most of the times with steep

sides and bedrock for the bottom...if it has water and I can't wait until the dry season

then I break out the Platypus(water proof DD)and the rubber boots...when its a dry ditch I'll

use either the Joey DD or mono depending on the amount of hot rocks in the area....another

good area is an old push...slowly beep the furrows made by the end of the blade...you can

sure get some surprises there...also at the end of the push about two feet before the end

where the blade started lifting to make the large dirt pile...many times small nuggets will

be traveling at the bottom of the dirt as it's being rolled and tumbled and will be the first

to drop out when the tractor operator first starts to lift the blade...also many beepers at

this point are in a hurry to turn around go back along the push...in all the old scrapes it's

where you for sure want to become a "coil scrapper"...and learn how to go sloooooow....

Whenever I break out a little coil I always get gold...

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