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Gold on the Moon!!!

Au Seeker

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There gold in them thar heavenly bodies!!! :whaaaa:

Time to stake a claim before it gets all claimed up!!!! :shhhhh:

It looks like some aliens have been mining there already because they found mercury as well, and we all know that's where all mercury comes from, if you don't believe me ask any environut!! :zapped: :shrug:



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Yea...like standing up without grunting and groaning!!!

LOL! Unless you can figure out how to suck a vacuum and get ox, you need that 200lb suite.

Oh, Yea! They get quit stinky after the end of the day.

Farting just plugs up your Re Breather system and never mind Potty Breaks. That's a major endeavor.

Depends! Lots and Lots of Depends! :inocent:

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Homefire that "marsshop" site is really interesting...I'm tempted to buy a couple of acres

before someone ups the price...going to hold off and see what the taxes would be next year...

I especially liked the "bedroom" view....terrain would be a little tough on skid plates!!!

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