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Happy Birthday Kaimi !!!!!

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Hi Kaimi,

Wishing you a Happy Birthday my friend, and many birthday meteorites! Fo real, kene. No lie. Hope to see you in the field at Franconia or Gold Basin this season. Here's to you - nui loa.

Until then, Mahalo, Ben

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Aloha guys,

Oh yeah, it was fun! My head is still banging like a Jamaican steel drum. Got to remember to stop drinking them Kamikazes after the sixth one.:tisk-tisk:

A couple of my local friends here got together and sprung a surprise gathering for me at one of my poker buddies home. They kept on telling me that it was just to play some poker on my day off and to see how lucky my birthday might turn out for me. Cooked some great rib eye steaks, corn on the cobb and of course had some great drinks.

Still planning on getting out to the GB outing on saturday and might even sleep over in my jeep for a sunday hunt.

Aloha and be safe my friends.

Stan aka Ka'imi:olddude:

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Hey Stan,

Happy late birthday my friend! Good hunting to you and watch out for the future KAIMIkazes!Good luck out at GB. Hope you find a bucket full!


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