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I'm sure most of you know what hot weather is...for instance you've got out early and

your in the desert all suited up and beeping away hoping to get a few hours in before

the heat gets to you...so now every thread on you is soaking wet from sweat...your hat

band looks like a dog used it to mark his spot(smells like it to)and your only 200 yds

from the PU....how about the sweat running down your arm and dripping off your elbow...

where does that sweat land? Right on the back of my control box where the switches are...

now you know why the screws are rusty...ever worry about that sweat getting inside the

control box and what it might cause? I have and here's what I do to help stop some of the

moisture from entering the box....

I put one drop of liquid Silicone on each of the switches hoping it will help shed some of

the sweat...next I take out the screws and give them a light sanding and a wire brush to

get rid of the rust the best I can and then put them in a wood board and paint them....two

coats and let the hot sun dry them...then put just a dab of Silicone sealer on the threads

and replace them and wipe off the excess sealer....remember those spouts that come with

each tube of sealer?...cut the smallest hole possible in it and then put a continuous

bead where the control panel board touches the sides...I only go half way up so air can

still get inside....the rest of the time I use a 1" paint brush to keep the front and back

reasonably clean....

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Great ideas... Thanks for the tips... I do have an older whites machine that I will have to apply some of your techniques to.


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MM I don't worry to much about the screws rusing...I give them a couple of coats of paint

when I first see the rust and that usually keeps them for a couple of years...my real

worry is what is the sweat doing to the electronics inside the detector....and the liquid

silicone lubs and protects the rocker switches.....

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