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Double click on the photo you wish to post in your Photobucket account/album, it will take you to a page with just that photo on it, to the left you will see a "Box" with the title "Share this image", in that box are 4 links with the following text to the left, they are "Email & IM", "Direct Link", "HTML Code" ,and "IMG Code", (If you don't see this, click on the small triangle beside "Share this image" to open the drop down box with the links) to the right of these are 4 links in boxes, left click on the link to the right of "IMG Code", you should see a yellow "balloon" popup that says "Copied", that all you need, then come here or another forum and right click in your post where you want to see the photo, select "Paste", you will see the link that you copied, make sue that all other text in your post has a space between the link and the text or paste the link on a separate line by itself, when you click "Add Reply" your photo will be in the post.


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Your welcome.

It's opening to your account when I click on your pictures as well, I'm not sure why it is opening to your account, which link did you post and how did you copy it, I have seen this happen with other people's posts as well and I would like to know how they are posting the link to cause this to happen?


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How it is done that opens account!

Click on picture in album

Above picture upper right click on share this

Tabs will load and the click on Get Link Code

Double click on Clickable Thumbnail in the list (the URL box to the left of the ? mark and it will turn blue)

Right click on the blue URL box

Click copy

Then paste in your post.

I see you are a moderator I do not really like having my account open could you please delete my Tektite post and I'll repost later.

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Your post is deleted as requested, at Photobucket when you hover over a thumbnail of the photo you want to share there will be 4 options pick "direct Link" copy it then come here click the photo icon at top of page when making a post and insert the copied PB link....

That will post only the photo...

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