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I have noticed two issues. The first concerns a few of the very recently manufactured machines. The second concerns a more general production/availability problem.

1. Two friends of mine purchased GB2s about six months ago. These were brand new detectors with no prior use. They were out in the field with me and couldn't understand why I was banging out tiny nugget after tiny nugget while they were having a hard time just finding birdshot. My GB2 is around 8 to 10 years old. All three of us were using the 6.5" elliptical coil. So after the first day I ran a test, comparing their machines to mine using the same headphones, the same settings and the same target for each test to keep everything else about equal. I found that the basic sensitivity of the new machines is just about as good as my much older model. However, the glaring shortcoming of the two new machines involved use of the "IRON DISC" mode. The name IRON DISC mode is a little misleading. It DOES NOT mean that the mode will discriminate out any piece of ferrous material. What it is meant to do is help identify hot rocks with a high iron content. Thus, when switched to the IRON DISC mode, a GB2 will not "chirp" when passed over most hot rocks, but definitely WILL chirp when passed over any metallic target. Thus, if the IRON DISC mode is malfunctioning it will not chirp consistently when passed over a small metallic target. In the specific cases of my friends' two brand new GB2s, they simply would not chirp at all in most cases unless almost rubbing on the target, whereas my older unit would chirp consistently a few inches above the same targets. Also, their units chirped erratically -- thus rendering their detectors almost useless if used in the IRON DISC mode. Since we were in an area where iron based hot rocks are common, they wound up wasting their day recovering a lot of hot rocks while I was able to disregard those signals and just spend time recovering actual metallic targets, a percentage of which were little gold "micro-nuggets" and flakes [apologies Jim Straight, I know you hate it whenever I employ that term]. My friends contacted Fisher, sent in their two units and received them back in proper working order with a verbal explanation that, indeed, Fisher had noticed some recent anomalies concerning recent production IRON DISC problems. The repair work was performed without charge and in a fairly timely manner. i am not certain how widespread this issue is, but I just toss this out there for all to be aware of.

2. About three months ago i was in one of my patches trying to clean it out before it was noticed by others [when it is 102 to 104 degrees F not too many looky loos are out in the big sandbox -- a perfect time to clean out your secret patches as long as you are careful not to kill yourself in the process]. As it happened, while I was backing down a slope and swinging my coil to home in on a target I stepped on a round rock about the size of a tennis ball. My foot immediately made me do a involuntary splits. When that happened, the limbic part of my brain took over and I reacted by thrusting my GB2 down to regain balance and prevent a total fall. After dusting myself off and cursing the inevitable deficiencies that come with advancing age I noticed that my trusty GB2 no longer was working properly. Upon return home I switched search coils and the unit once again worked just fine. Apparently I had damaged the search coil by placing too much pressure on it during my near fall. So I then set about to obtain a replacement coil. In fact, I decided to purchase two. First i tried some of the local brick and mortar dealers, all of whom said they temporarily were out of stock. Finally, a month later I ordered and paid for two from an internet dealer [NOT the big one in Florida with whom I have sworn NEVER to do business again -- another sad story best saved for another time]. A month and a half still later, no coils had arrived so I telephoned the company and was told that for some reason no one seemed to be able to get any 6.5" coils from Fisher. A week later I was contacted and told that FINALLY Fisher had released some 6.5" coils -- BUT JUST TWO OF THEM! Well, I then received my two coils and now I am perplexed at what is going on at the Fisher production end. Fisher used to have a sterling reputation when it was located in Los Banos, CA. I toss this out there for your awareness.

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As I may find myself in the market for a new GB2 sometime in the near future I find this a very interesting post.

Thank you!


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:twocents: The REAL problem is--which release was it--looks like they changed components--re released-screwed up-re released--changed names--and re released yet again. Name and price and performance changes a plenty and how do you know which change ya got?? Poor old buddy Irwin Lee(mr fisher guy as Jimmy to whites) is a rolling in his grave as to whats happened to his beloved fisher company---bummer I luv my GB2 but will NOT buy from these folks and "2 coils?????????? insanity-- :stupidrb: John

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