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build a Coil Cable Connector Stabilizer

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Del like Garimpo I would like to know more about your connectors.

I would also like to here about your detector shaft and were you got it.


Hey Matt, I found a link to Herbs webstie where he sells the Carbon Fiber shafts-

Herb's Website


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Good point Garimpo on some coils mostly the smaller ones I might only get one rap but the bigger ones like the 18" I can still get 3 or 4 raps on the shaft.

I think the coil makers take into acount that you have to get the coil away from you when it is bigger and give you more cable.But I have seen some sort cables on Nugget Finder coils.

Have a good day,Matt

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hey all, those are some neat tips and gadgets. but what i did and it didnt cost me one cent, actually came with my detector.im sure all you have one, and since i dont use it it works great. i just took the bungy cord connector that goes on the minelab shaft and turned it upside down,where the bolt and butterfly nut is on bottom.slid my cable up between the bolt holes,slid the bolt in and put on nut and tightened,works great and when i change coils, i just undo the nut and bolt,comes right out and do it again with different coil.



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Looks like it should work good John but where do you attach your bungie cord?

well, as i stated, i dont use my bungie cord, thats why i use that attatchment for the cable. ive been up and down some of the steepest hills swinging.the only coil that gets heavy is the 12x15 commaner, but as long as its flat ground i can swing it most of the day with out getting tired.ive spent most my life hunting carrying rifles and my compound bow up and down alot of hills without straps, leave at daylight and be back at dawn.all day. so my skinny arms are pretty used to holding something all day lol. i can always loosen the other end of the bungy and loop it around the shaft like i would the bolt between the handle and bungie mount, but i havent needed it yet so ill just use it for holding my cable steady for now.but i am gonna move it from the front side of the handle to the back, closer to the connetor on the control box,just seems like it would be more solid rt there.


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Hi Everyone

FYI The reason the cable makes the detector go wacko is a defect in the cable. When they make the cable and go to solder the cable to the plug. The center cable is easy to solder but when it comes to the shilding they just solder it to the ground lug. This leaves the shilding lose and everytime the cable moves the shilding witch is braided rubs against each other witch makes a false sidnal. To stop this form happening you have to wind the shilding up tight and solder it together then solder it to the lug on the plug. Then when you put it together put silicone in the plug before you put the cover on. This stablise the cable so it willn't move when hit. This should stop the false signals.

Have had to send coils back because of this. I still get coils that are this way?

Have fixed many cables this way.

The company say they are put together right but they still get false signals.

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Thanks KC. That is a VERY useful insight. It never made much sense to me that such small "wiggles" high up the shaft could induce so much falsing. Your explanation should be taken seriously by coil manufacturers.

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Hi KC,

Great information and echoing Martin hopefully coil manufacturers will pick up on this and

change it.

This is a lot like the silly way they pot the coil windings in some coils, with masking tape.

What is that all about? Happily the coil manufacturer changed that and their coils are much better.

I makes you wonder about quality control and...logic.


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