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Tip on coil protection

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I don't know about you but I don't like coil covers, never have.

Alot of my dislike is as a result of the famous "dirt under the coil cover" syndrome

where you cannot balance the detector and gradually realize it is because very fine dirt, black sand etc.

has gotten into the coil cover and the detector becomes gradually unbelievably unstable.

Big headache.

Some years ago I saw a post on Robs forum by Grubstake where he described using a layer of pc-7 Epoxy

in place of a coil cover. It is non-metalic, incredibly tough and easy to apply.

I have put it on all my most-used coils and have never regretted it.

If the epoxy gets worn...I scrub my coils on the ground a lot...it is easy to apply a touch-up.

This has been posted with his permission...thanks Grubstake

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Works great Dave, I use it on every coil I have. Like I once said, PC-7 is almost bullet proof. Grubstake

The trick to working it is wet your finger with water, and smooth it out, while its wet, then let it dry over night.

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Last July when I was in Okla. I went to Ace Hardware(I love the

place)and bought my first two cans of PC-7 on Grubstakes re-

comendation....now I'm practically out of PC-7...I've put it on

14 coils...parts of the Toyota...boots where pieces have broken

off the soles...PVC water line....great stuff....I use my gold

scales to get the two amounts just right then apply it with

wooden spoons like the ones we used to get with cups of ice cream..

then like Grubby says a little water on the finger and smooth it

out thick or thin as you like...sit over night and your good

to go....only one hard part for me is getting the ex to send me

a new batch!!!!

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Thanks a bunch Greg....that post of mine above is over a year old....so when me and the grand-son visited Okla.

this last May we made a special trip(several actually) to Ace Hardware and I loaded up on bigger cans.....now all

the places I used the last batch on is still holding up so my use has slowed down a bunch....

Happy New Year (2012)

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Not a problem, Don, I saw the post from ten49 was same day as mine, and I assumed your post was recent also,...ooops!

If I can be of help in the future, just let me know.

Happy New Year to you and yours, and everyone on the forum too!


Don't know where your located Greg but it must be pretty early there.....here it's almost 0800 and I'm two hrs. ahead of EST....

thanks for the help offer....hope your 2012 is a good one....

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Has anyone seen that commercial for Flex Seal on tv? I wonder if that would be okay to spray on my coil or has anyone ever used it?

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I bought some of that flex seal, just to re coat my knee pads. It sucks, doe's not dry fully, and stays sticky I had one heck of a time getting it back off. But who wants Sticky stuff on there equipment? Not me. Grubstake

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