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Yo All...Dodacious and I have been traveling the west for the past three weeks visiting all our grand babies...Yesterday, up in the Plumas County gold country, we took our oldest, 5-year-old, Baylie, up on a stretch of old channel high up on a mountain...First time she ever had seen a metal detector..Dodacious showed her how to work the GoldBug 2 and Baylie got it right away...She didn't find any gold, but she started hitting bullets, casings and nails...You'd have thought each target was an ouncer, she got so excited...She's a natural and has the patience and persistence to get the gold...So "Papa Ron" is going to be getting a new detector for his new beeping partner...What a trip...Cheers, Unc

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Way to go Ron

:thumbsupanim Love it when the youngsters enjoy the same things the adults do.. couldn't ask for a better hobby then getting dirty and having fun digging and prospecting... Last time I was home from Afghanistan my Niece brought her 3 kids over to my house and I taught them how to pan for gold in my back yard. I gave them all a pan and filled them full of Play Sand that I had in my back yard.. What a hoot listening to the 3 year old say Lookit all the Black Sand Oooohhhh, Black Sand. :brows: ..Next time I will give them some real Consentrates to pan out and see what they get... But they still talk about it to this day.

Very Respectfully



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Ron and Tim your right on about the kids....after all their the

future so start'em young...I started my oldest son when he was

also about 5 like Baylie...now 41 years later he's still beeping...

Tim isn't it great to hear the little ones squeal with delight

over something we think is a hindrance (black sand)?

Keep it up guys your slowly moving into "old fart" category!!!!

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:angry-smiley-010[1]: Yep once puberty hit my granddaughter she chucked all the good stuff and switched to makeup and tight clothes but at least I have 1 gkid,a 8 year old boy, who still likes to play n'da'mud da' blood n' da' beer with his ol' gpa---John

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Yo All...I was amazed at how Baylie stuck with the hunt...I can't wait to get her over a nugget...Maybe up in the Bradshaws new area...This pic is on the " Jura" River which was not known for much gold...Cheers, Unc

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