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New Waterproof Garret AT PRO VLF detector.


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The Garret AT PRO, an update of the Scorpion Gold Stinger which is long overdue, is waterproof. It is silent search, with no threshold like the original Scorpion. They are working on balancing it to salt water. Apparently there was a problem. Unlike the MXT, it has no salt switch. It is priced lower, however at $699.00. Will such silent search machines find small gold in the 1 to 10 grain range? How about low grade quartz specimens? It still runs at 15 Khz. Will weak signals from deep and small nuggets be ignored with silent search? It has accept/reject notching and might be a good all around machine. BUT HOW WILL IT DO FOR PROSPECTING?

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After talking to Customer Service, the post above is the result of bad information!

The waterproof At Pro will run at 15 Khz, but will not use the Scorpion Groundhog circuit. The Scorpion will stay in production and is apparently NOT being updated! Also, in addition to the lack of a threshold, the AT Pro will NOT have a true all metal mode, but it will have a "zero" mode. I wonder if it will be any good for prospecting?

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:stupidrb: Poor ol' Garrett is trying to put lipstick on a old pig in Tr/Vlf clothing??? Much better to use newer technology to build a newer better gb machines but???in todays screwed up world,just don't see a market-John
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