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You know those stories some old feller or someone's relative tells of a spot they used to hunt years ago and find nuggets big as your thumb? Well let me tell you not to be to hasty in poo-pooing these stories as BS because I have found a couple of my best patches over the years in just this way. I have been luck enough to meet some really cool old fellers over the years and two sadly passed after sharing info with me.

Fellow named Cap that stayed in one of the mobile home communities I manage was an old miner and had been mining all his life. Knew him for a few years and after he got the cancer he gave me some information that led me to some very nice 'pocket gold" finds.

Then there was TJ who died shortly after getting me into an area him and his father worked years past. What a story he told to hook me into making the trip.

Both stories were pretty seemingly far fetched to most, but I followed through both times and found gold.

Small mentions in a old newspaper article of placer gold found can also lead to some very nice finds as well and again I have used this method to find areas not in the books. Libraries in mining districts are a good place to spend some time and can be a treasure trove of info!

Everyone knows where to buy the books we all have read right? Yup...

Look outside the box! And old miners love to tell stories of glory days past that may put you onto a good spot!

So try some different research methods and you may just get that goose by the tail feathers :thumbsupanim

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A very good post Bill...many ways to research for gold...coins...

relics or caches....when I first started detecting in 1966 it

took me two months just to find someone that sold metal detectors..

so looking for coins in Okla. made more sense than looking for

gold....a state rich in history...so on days that were to cold to

detect I would be in the State Library or the State Historical

Society....every where I went was virgin ground...a lot of stares

and questions...like what are you doing with that Geiger counter...

is that a Army mine detector?...instead of being annoyed I just

looked at it as an opportunity to start a conservation as to where

that person grew up...what school did they attend...is it still

standing...where were the "brush arbor church meetings" held...

where was the station for the now abandoned railroad station...

or where did the circus pitch their tents when they came to town

on the railroad...if your driving through a small town that has a

"whittlers bench" in front of the court house or old cafe and you

see some old timers sitting there go and introduce yourself and

you'll be amazed at how much they know and remember and they'll

talk your leg off...

Speaking of thinking outside the box....for twenty years as a side

job I sold non-abrasive metal polish at state fairs and gun shows..

among many pieces of metal on exhibit that I had cleaned only part

of as a before/after show I also had old coins laid out with every

American coin from the 1800's up to the 1990's...only one side

cleaned and that would always get me many stories about coins with

a two week state fair and 2 million people walking by my booth...

also on my display I had relics I had found with a metal detector

and cleaned only a small part to show how the polish worked...in

at least once in every fair I would get the info about a stage

coach robbery or train robbery on their property or a neighbors


Old timers are some of the easiest and best info you can get...

nursing homes...square dances...pie suppers...church socials...

just bring your fancy electronic recorder....you'll not only help

yourself but add a little sunshine to a life that's getting a little


Sorry for hi-jacking your post Bill...

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Bill that is some good info, we need to pay our dues and once in a while a story can pay off,The more effort one put,s in .The more it changes your luck for the better.

There are some old timers that enjoy watching others stumble along on a bs story, But there are good ones that only have good intentions.

Did you guy,s hear the one were a guy was doing a seminar on prospecting, {at a major mining clubs claims}There was a kid who as the man was talking the kid kept bothering the man saying and asking were is the gold ,Well the gentelman gruffly said it is down over there to the kid, Well about an hour later the kid shows up ,this time pestering the guy is this gold ,is this gold, well the man stopped and took a look it was a soccer ball sized aggregate of quartz, and it was spidered with gold. the kid following the mans instuction had found 5 pounds of gold in a river cobble, on the gravel bar,exposed on the surface,It goes to show it is were YOU find it. This is a true story.Also the man was quite upset as to the kids reward,A few lesson in that one.

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