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Any input would be much appreciated


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Hey everybody I'm new to the forum as well as prospecting... Always looked forward to starting this hobby. Bought a GB2 and have had a lot of fun hunting for gold. I was wondering if anyone would like to share info on good places to hunt. I have been to holcomb valley and today I was in rattlesnake canyon. No gold yet not that I would expect much on my second adventure, but I do want to make sure I'm not looking in the wrong places. Any help would be awsome! Thanks

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There are lots of clubs around that can get you into the right places. I can personally recommend the Prospecting Club of Southern California (PCSC). They have several claims scattered about and lots of good folk. I got gold my first time out, and every time since at one of their claims up near Ridgecrest. If you're looking at places closer to San Diego area, good luck! I've heard about gold-producing claims around there but haven't actually seen any.

Gold prospecting is a great sport with lots of good, helpful people! Have fun!


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Thanks a lot guys. I have been looking into clubs, seems like there are some good ones out there for sure. Bill I thought the canyon was a great place to roam about with lots to see and the makings of a gold area. I will go back next Sunday and work the hills your suggesting thank you for the tip.

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