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Gold Basin Meteor

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Was out in the great weather today, getting use to my new gpx5000, and found these 2 pieces of meteor next to each other, I couldnt find the rest of it though , but just these 2 pieces weigh 50 grams. Wow... the 5000 runs smooth and almost interference free. :thumbsupanim

post-1046-027784800 1286769240_thumb.jpg

post-1046-020759200 1286769250_thumb.jpg

post-1046-043086000 1286769259_thumb.jpg

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Aloha Dave,

Well I guess we had better get our butts out to Gold Basin before you find the bulok of them meteorites with that new toy of yours eh.

Nice finds. Hope to run into you again soon out there.

Aloha and be safe,

Stan aka Ka'imi

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Hey Dave, Good job with the new detector, but you were already finding lots before with the other (old) detector. Kaimi is right, we got get out there before you've got'em all. Good Hunting! Clifton

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Thanks Jim... Been saving a while, and cashed out vacation time to buy the detector.

Hey Stan, yes we will have to get out again and do more detecting. When I was going out last weekend there was a guy in a blue jeep like yours, I thought it was you, but it wasnt.

Clifton, I left you guys plenty... ;)

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