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Just got my first Metorite Pole.....

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Looking forward to using it this weekend,,,,,Rain or shine?? does it matter?? since Im new at this, Should I keep everything I find?

I could use some Insight...

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Hi Troment59,

Hey, that Meteorite Hunting Pole looks familiar! lol ;)

I would definitely keep everything you find! Then take them home and study them to find out why or why it's not a meteorite. Examples:

  • Does it have fusion crust?
  • Does it stick to a magnet?
  • Are there visible chondrules?
  • Is it heavier than a normal rock the same size?
  • Does it pass the streak test?

I have three 5-gal buckets full of such rocks, all of them played a part in my learning how to identify a meteorite. I also watch Ebay to buy small inexpensive samples of different types of meteorites and then study them. Also, this forum is a GREAT resource for questions and answers.

Here is a link to a very good video about meteorite hunting that Ruben Garcia made using his homemade meteorite magnet pole:


I hope this information helps. :)

Dale Romero


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Along with that great looking pole, dont forget to pick up a set of small files from harbor freight so you can create a small "window" on any potential meteorite specimen you find. Along with a jewelers loupe you should be able to see some great results almost immediately.

Good luck and great hunting. BTW, be safe out there.


Stan aka Ka'imi

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+1 on the file and loupe. These have spared me from having to carry around some very good looking "meteorwrongs" that stuck to the magnet and looked great, but after filing, they were clearly not meteorites.

About any small metal file, a file made for use on metal, will do, and a 10X loupe should be fine. Pick up a file at the local hardware or big box store and the loupe on EBay.

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