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gpx 4500 help

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Hello all,

I am looking for a little explanation and guidance on my new gpx 4500. Yes I did purchase it from a local minelab dealer. Anyway last time I was home I took it out for the first time in Gold basin. Found broken screen in a drywasher pile, half a bullet, and a penny in the middle of nowhere.... Anyway I am up in MN with my job right now and brought the detector with me to toy with and to go to a friends old family hard rock gold mine in Canada. Today I took the detector out in the grass behind our shop at work to play with it. I took some lead shot (2 bbs (7.5's) in one and 3 bbs in the other). Stuck them in some tape and laid them in the grass. I wanted to see what a small shallow target sounded like. Well I got out there turned on the machine and noise cancelled. Got a nice steady threshold with the coil in the air. I get the coil down to within a foot of the ground and it sounds like a zulu tribe on the warpath. I tried ground balancing it several times. (place it in track, pump the coil, then go to fixed). No change with the up and down movement but the threshold is all over the place. With it in fixed, I hold down the quick track button and pump the coil, again no change from the movement and still sounds like the zulus headed to war. I tried deep, I tried cancel, I tried custom sharp, custom smooth. No difference. I reset the detector to factory presets. Now if I lift the detector 1.5 feet or more above the ground the threshold goes steady. Back close to ground it goes nuts. I moved to different areas of the field with minimal change. There were some targets in the ground close to where I started this. They overpowered the detector. I also know there is an electrical line out there somewhere in the ground. Found it with my minelab explorer last year when learning to use it. I can get that detector to run smooth out there, Have to imagine I can get this 4500 to do the same. I never could hear my lead shot with such an erratic threshold. Thinking the plastic tape was fouling up my shot, I took about 10-15 bbs and dropped them in a pile in the grass. Still could not hear any change in threshold (guessing because it is so erratic. Any help in understanding why and what to do would be greatly appreciated



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Are you near Rainy Lake? There are some gold mines on the islands.Probably some placer under the current lake, but then again it was glacially carved so maybe not. There was about a 5 year gold boom in that area...I`d rather be fishing for Walleye :brows:

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I'm in Hibbing, heart of the iron range during the fire season.. My buddies place is north east of here in Canada. Really looking forward to seeing this place. Sounds pretty cool and is for sale. His uncle mined it for years, not sure how successful but sounds like he made a living of it.


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