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I remember that one Slim, heck you had it on eBay within a day or so didn't ya? :tisk-tisk:

Yes, I did sell that one right away and I bought a GP Extreme with part of the proceeds. Then I used the GP Extreme to find 2 more Rich Hill slugs. One was 1/3 of an oz and the other was 4 grams. Sold them as well. Here is a photo of those along with one of Uncle Ron's species....

post-740-011320900 1286289852_thumb.jpg

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Here's one of my fav's found in 2008... .81 ozt .... Found in a tiny little gulch about 18" wide .... Cheers, Unc

post-9-036756000 1286343134_thumb.jpg

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Now this thread is going right were I was hoping! Lets keep them coming and those are some beautiful nuggets my friends!

Here is Jim Boxberger's 2.27 troy pounder from San Domingo placers... Found in 2003


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El Dorado,

That is a fantastic nugget! I'll remember that day the rest of my life and that smile on your face. There has to be a couple bigger than that one still out in that patch. What's my favorite nugget the last one I found this last Monday, but it didn't make the photo album...a dink! Here's to more hunts, fun & nuggets!


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