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Dug another handful ....

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Thanks guys ...

Heres a shot of a pocket I hit a couple years ago. The pocket yielded like 16 crystals if I recall:

post-1117-076668800 1286287042_thumb.jpg

Steve, I have not been to the fluorite spot all summer as it is in the low desert. As soon as it cools down, I will do some more digging on the seam that produced the specimens earlier in the year.

Heres a pic of a large Amethyst pocket in a mine near the Fluorite/Amethyst digs:

post-1117-054393800 1286287131_thumb.jpg

This is a video I did inside the mine that has the pocket above. I`m to chicken to remove the plates of crystals.

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I`m to chicken to remove the plates of crystals.

Adam, I can understand your reluctance to remove that plate of crystals. I completely ruined a trio of trilobite specimens in limestone at Grafton a long time ago. I course I was young back then..... and didn't know any better.... :grr01:

Thanks for the video though.. :thumbsupanim


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Steve , this spot has been alot of fun, and I am still thinking about claiming it. I wish I had access to the original (now caved) workings. I couldnt imagine the insane specimens that are down there. Fluorite ,amethyst ,and cerussite are always good combinations. But lets face it, if you dont make the money off of the specimens to cover the claim fees, there really isnt much hope for it to prosper. I would like to lead groups out there if I claimed it...

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