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Anyone know about this hydraulic pit?


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I think part of it's called Jackass Flats and it's west of Malakoff diggings. Does anyone from the area know if you're allowed to detect there? Any spots open, any off limits? Here's the link to the map:

Google map

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Mostly all private property, watch yourself. Might get shot around there at harvest time!

Thanks tomax... man there's got to be some good places around my area somewhere...

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If you live in that area there are pits to detect all over the place.

I have found gold in many of them around the town of washington.

Mostly little guys but gold is gold.

Moores flat used to be pretty good and near makoloff I believe. Its been a while since I worked up there so dont know if its private or not. usually work south of Int. 80 these days.


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